Money can buy Happiness and Money can do Wonders!!

Money can buy Happiness and Money can do Wonders!!

Same Sex Marriage- the California Fiasco

Bottom line, what a freaking big deal. If they want to get married and be legal, migrate to Thailand or some other countries where it is legal.
Move man…go go to the greener pastures.

And who says money cannot buy votes??

Didn’t Obama win because of the large contribution of $$$$ from voters via internet? Didn’t the Utah churches contributed a large amount of $$$ to sway the votes?
Didn’t T Bone Picken contributed a large amount of money to moveon dot org to tarnish John Kerry’s image when he was running for President about the SpeedBoad crap?

Bottom line Money can buy votes and Money can buy Love and Money can buy Happiness.

Who says Money is not everything? Whoever said that is an idiot.
If you want to prove me wrong, send me a check of $5million USD to me and I can show you how happy I will be.

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