What are the universal truth of life, that you learnt till now?

Life Lessons:

  1. Nothing lasts forever
  2. Few people care
  3. Most friendships are shallow
  4. We believe the past is better than it really was
  5. Everybody is prejudiced up to a point
  6. Society is advancing but it isn’t a straight line
  7. Few people care about the truth, they just care bout being persuaded, as Aristotle said, all those years ago
  8. Common sense isn’t very common
  9. Common sense can’t be used for everything
  10. Markets don’t care about fairness
  11. Many things that are fair, aren’t profitable or rational
  12. Out of fear and greed, fear is more powerful
  13. Many people are willing to take a loss because something sounds unfair. For example, researchers who asked people to climb a small mountain (1–2 hours) for 10,000USD, refused the updated offer of 9,000USD, due to the fact they were lied to, even though 9k is a lot of money for 1–2 hours of work
  14. The past is no guide for the future
  15. Care about real friends and family
  16. Emigration and moving away is a huge sign of who your real friends are. If they keep in contact, that is a good sign
  17. But it is very difficult to know who will stay in touch and who won’t. In fact it may surprise you
  18. Your health is your wealth
  19. Society is gradually becoming more shallow
  20. People speak the truth when they are drunk
  21. Don’t always be attracted to the most charismatic people in relationships and business. Often the stars that burn brightest at first fail you
  22. Have a mix between being too cynical and to naive. Have a process. Read the evidence and make up your mind
  23. Some key things are important such as relationships with people, sales, accounting, personal finance etc. Many habits aren’t useful
  24. In personal finance, spending habits, compounding, fees and not speculating are some of the keys – Why the wealthy spend less on luxury: the 70/30 rule in finance
  25. Reading is one of the best investments you can make. These books helped me a lot – 30 Best Investing Books for Beginners and Intermediate Learners

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