Online Gambling:

Never never never play online gambling. Big scam. According to 60mins, they have uncovered ( I always have suspicious too) that the games are rigged.

When you are playing online, you cannot read the body language and this totally takes the fun out of it.
What so pathetic is, your cards can be read/seen by the administrator(programmer) of the online poker game.
Think about it folks, whoever created that game has a back door to the programs. S/he will come in as a player and he has 2 screens to play with.
One screen shows all the players’ hands as the programmer has the back door to it.
So my friends, how the he-ll can you win??
Worst of all, online gambling is illegal in USA and all their servers are outside USA.
That why, you have no legal recourse!!!

As they say, the house always wins!!!

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