Saving Ideas

Why pay for Wifi when you can get free at the library?

Or best still share it with your neighbors ,after all your neighbors are the trusted ones especially when you are living in a condo or apartment dwelling.

There is nothing wrong with sharing.
Don’t worry about what they say about security or bandwidth degrading.

I am a MCSE-Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and I know what I am talking about.
Those fools got trick by the providers that you must have a password to get to your wifi but that is bogus explaination. Any wifi password can be cracked . That the fear they put on you so they can get more business.

I have 10+ devices hooked up to the router and I do not see any downgrade of the network bandwidth. The only downgrade is the provided giving you less that what you paid for. I share my wifi with all my neighbors.
In most poor villages in India, and in 3rd world countries, there is only one WIfi and shared by so many people in the village.
It is called sharing with cooperation.

So my friends, it is because of ignorance that you have to pay!!!

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