Bogus Recycling

Recycling is such a bogus thing to do.

Many times in the morning when I take my walk, I get a chance to see how the garbage trucks do their routes and their so called “complicated” mechanisms of getting rid of our garbage and recycled items.
What really pisses me off and you all too when I see this all the time…the garbage man collects all the garbage and the clean bottles (wine , beer and what not alcohol), plastics, paper recycle products and the garden yard waste dump all in the garbage truck.

I thought that garbage truck is supposed to collect what s/he is supposed to collect. Garbage trucks collect garbage and in another container collects the cleaned bottles and plastic.

But oh Noooooooooooo, s/he collects everything and dump all in the garbage truck.

So what the freaking point cleaning those bottles/plastic, putting those garden yard waste in a different containers when s/he just dumped all in one.

And worst of all, we are being charged different rates for different garbage containers.

From what I gathered, the garbage men/women and the guys doing yard waste and recycling truck drivers made a pact. Whoever gets the customer garbage first, collects everything so the others don’t have to go back to make their routes.
Obviously, this makes sense-save time—but whose time and money? Theirssssssss.

As I said, recycling is a sham and a waste of time. The bottom line is the bottom line for the contractors and the city but not for customers like us.
Anyway, the only good thing coming out from this is it adds jobs, adds more money to the economy but at whose expense.
Oh well, another layer of bureaucracy….$$$$

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