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The world of Suzi Wong

I have an embarked a journey where very few men/women have succeeded. It takes lots of dedication, focus, energy, concentration where most do not have.

I wish you and your “Teacher Lover” Robert the best in whatever endeavors both of you undertake.

You committed adultery, you were fucking behind your 1st husband…oh what a slut!!
and now fucking behind my back

You look like a 63 yrs old lady, saggy boobs, loosen end pussy and fat fat and weak legs.
You will go for him replacement and some other medical defects, eyes, diabetic- all because of eating eating eating and no exercise. Your whole family is obese.

Yup, fuck all you want with your the sickman of yours, but once you cannot walk, you are incapacitated.
You will crawl to the toilet and when you call Robert, he is no where to be found.

You find him fucking with some chicks and all you can do is watch.

You are just a Chinese hooker whore to him and a sugar mommy. All he wants is your money. Nothing to do in that hell hold hot stinkin place dallas, You are a salve.!!!

For Amy, she is a diabetic too like all Asians.

Hopefully this is the last posting so I can get on with my carefree beautiful life and it is kinda of fun just to bitch what I want.

As you know the best revenge is always living well.
She is a liability not an asset.

I am good, have money and I can get any girls I want. Why would I F an 65 yrs old asian whore with 2 kids??

Gosh..what am I thinkin!!! her boobs are sagging and her pussy is so loosey

Okie..time to move on and make more money….

I rather be bored (not at all), lonely (no way) nothing to do( I always have things to do) than have problems.

My life is worries, I am not bothered by anyone and anything and I can do whatever I please.

Why I did not go down to help you move?

Because you were screwing/fucking behind my back

Many times you were at bed at 10pm and left me at the dinner table while you have phone sex with him.
You were watching teacher fucking student porn video with him and I bet you even masturbate with him

You did not want to make love to me…because you already had sex with him…I saw the love bites on your boobs.

You love him so much you are willing to abandon your kids for him.
Both of you are sick…drug addict, sex addict and double losers!!

You think you are a white gal and I know you love white guys…
But you are still an Asian chink a freaking Asian whore to him

To him, you are just a piece of pussy meat , and when your boobs are sagging and your pussy is soft and you are old, you will be dumped.

If you do not take care of yourself, you will be fat, chunky, obese, within 5 yrs, your walking is slow, poor eyesight and assisted nursing home is sooner than later.


I did not abandon you, you abandon yourself–you are not good enough
You left your kids
You abandon your kids for the love of your man
You smoke with him(gosh how much money spend ?)
You drink with him
You take drugs/medication with him
You have sex and make sex videos with him
And you go a great length to make him feel better.
You buy lots of gifts via amazon

You are always comparing comparing me with him…he can read poetry, words, things that you want to hear…how he carries himself.

You called me a boring good for nothing caretaker and called my daughter stupid.

You lack discipline

I wish both of you well…
You told me not to contact you anymore as you are back with him and want to spend intimidate moment with your lover husband Robert.

You love him very much, so much so you gave your soul to him and even left/abandoned your kids.
You abandoned me for the man.

I wish Josephine Stephen-Gram well

You love watching the Teacher Fucking Student porn video with him because you have the connection with him.
Both of you smoke, drink, unprotected sex, drugs…eat, obese…marriage made in heaven.
You are just an Asian chink a freaking Asian whore to him, a white trash.

I really don’t care anymore, I don’t feaking care …I am so sick and tired of caring , IT IS TIME TO TAKE CARE OF I /ME /MYSELF.


are back in the arms of your lover as what you wrote to him.

The Art of Therapy #44
Shower your enemies with LOVE

Shower your love ones with hatred

This is my mentor, Dr.Eric Cooley, he specifically “train” my mind . Without him, I am nobody. Love him to death,

Rant week

Stir the hornet nest and watch the fireworks far away
Gosh, the tequila tastes so good with fried egg rolls

That being said, I mean no harm to you and I had never had the “intention” to harm or hurt you!!!

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as they say

When It Comes To Building Wealth TIME Is A Most Important Ingredient

“First the addict lies to himself about his addiction, then he begins to lie to others. Lying, evasion, deception, manipulation, spinning and other techniques for avoiding or distorting the truth are necessary parts of the addictive process.”
Sure-you put him on the pedestal..

You ask the question can I destroy you?
The answer is your lover friend for 10+yrs that have your personal information and all the sex videos. He is the one that can destroy you and your kids.
I rest my case!!
I have been contaminated, manipulated, cheated, and lied to but I won’t stood so low to the level of this garbage name calling.
My time and energy will be spent to find the truth, my real mother-somewhere out there.

p/s thank God my blood test results show negative.

You are a non persona grata?
You are not my cousin and have never will. We are not related in any way s

I am adopted…and I must find my real mother

Yes because of your irresponsible behavior-drug, alcohol, unprotected sex with your lover boyfriend at Charcoal Road
Am glad my test results show negative
2nd hand smoke

You cannot handle the truth!!

First the addict lies to himself about his addiction, then he begins to lie to others. Lying, evasion, deception, manipulation, spinning and other techniques for avoiding or distorting the truth are necessary parts of the addictive process.
Sure-you put him on the pedestal..

You ask the question can I destroy you.
The answer is your lover friend for 10+yrs that have your personal information and all the sex videos. He is the one that can destroy you and your kids.

How do you know? His is an addict..and an addict as you know will do anything to lie..they lie all the time to get what they want, money and sex from you and will say what you want to hear..all those sweet talks and poetic talks.
Worst thing is you try to cure him thinking you are doing a favor but it keeps lingering… he sucks you dry.

I bet Thannah and Chau see all this but you are so in so denial. All the Aefis people know abt this soap opera. Oh yea Josephine Stephan with her significant other- a white guy, jobless, drug addict and of course he want her cos you give him money food shelter and car and boobs…

So at the end of the day….it is all about—YOUR KIDS.
Now—will you destroy me and my family?

p/s- I been in your shoes before…

Oh yea..I can’t wait to meet Amy again…hey how Josephine doing?

Now—will you destroy me and my family?
You always find a reason not to be happy..

View from 36000 high
So consume about he not saying sorry
So consume about his family not acknowling you

Since I am the source of the problem I terminate myself
Persistent patient prayers
I am smart
I am good looking
I am healthy
I am financially well off
I am stable and balance
And I am free to do what I want to do…my wildest fantasies.

Why do you have to put up with a loser, a white redneck racist white trash, no job, no money, no future , fat , smoking shit, and even have sex with him?
That why people look at you as desperate …because you are a single mother of 2….
Why do you have to stood so low>
Didn’t you say:
If you want to move up or marry, get someone who is equally or better than you
Why do you live in Texas where there is no culture, no diversity and the weather is so extreme?

I bet you feel so inferior so high status to have a 6ft tall white love besides you!!! You make him feel so “in command”. Typical white mentality!!
After all you don’t like Asian males anyway!!
Now as for you, why would someone wants to be attached with a single mother of 2?
I am penning this all down is because it is therapy- it is not only helping you to see the light but merely, it is helping me too not to make the SAME MISTAKES people make….

Wrote this just for the heck of it but knowing now it is such a freaking waste of time….so many WHYs, whys… what for… such a pathetic.. It is the past.

Should be concentrating on NOW and the future.
This is not about me or you , this is about your KIDS.
When I see Julianna and Elia, I see them as my kids(Sp), esp Elia-he looks like me with that crew cut.
They have a part of my DNA and they are worthy of my time to know them. Sooner than later, I’ll meet them.
Are you a good mother or just a mother?
Daughter looks up to her father as a male role model.
Son looks up to his mom as his female role model.
I don’t want to be just a father, I want to be a super duper Father.t times, in fact most of the time, my presence is

Now you are free, I pray you will have a wonderful and beautiful life just like the sunset I watch each day.


The world of Suzi Wong
Suzi an Asian gal came to America to study and met a Middle Eastern guy. Got married and have 2 kids.
They achieved the American Dream-big house with swimming pool, high income and husband is the CEO of a financial institution.
After 20 yrs of marriage, they got divorced. Their years of marriage brought them from Jerusalem, Singapore, etc etc ….that another story.
Late in the marriage, Suzi met this internet pen-pal . From pen-pal to friends, then to lovers to soul mate.
Suzi left the marriage because she does not have the emotional and physical feelings anymore for her husband. She went 1300 miles away to start a new “life” with her lover Bobby.
Suzi promised her 2 young kids that she will be back after 2 yrs when she is more established.
She got a very high paying job in the Federal Govt and is doing so well that she even bought a new house.
Well for her Bobby, he got laid off and she found out that he is addicted to medication.
Unfortunately, their marriage did not materialize. Both of them went into anger, frustration and depression. Suzi tried her best to help her man but was in vain. With all the turmoil, Suzi still has the high paying job and doing exceptionally well. She is “supporting” her man.
She needs him for the emotional support and he needs her for his “needs”.
So where do I come into this opera?
Well, I got an email from Suzi.
You see, Suzi and I grew up together long time ago in our hometown and now I am living in the great Pacific Northwest. We have not seen/talked to each other for the last 30 years and of course getting an email from her was a big surprise.
During our IM conversation, she said she is not feeling “well” and said that someone stole $7K USD from her.
Well as you all know folks, me aka the no nonsense go getter Mr.FIXER wants to know more about her dilemma and try to get this thing resolve.
(About ME: 5’ 10”, well built ,160lb, fit like a bulldog, takes no prisoners, NO BS, sports/outdoor lover, Winning mentality, and of course…good looking)
Spend some time with Suzi and unearth a whole pile of “dirty laundry”
Found out that her Bobby is a redneck sweet talking addicted smoking conman.
For Suzi, it is like she is under his voodoo spell all entrench with mumbo jumbo sweet words and she could not get out. The more she hears the words, the deeper she gets in the hole and just like a drug addict, she wants to hear more and more. With more than 5yrs of emotional investment in him, it is getting harder to break off from this ‘abusive” mental cycle.
Bear in mind, Suzi does not have any hobbies, friends, no outlets and very introvert. Worst of all, she realizes that she misses her KIDS and her KIDS miss their mother-after 5 years of no close contact/relationship.
Well here I come, the no BS straight shooter trying to get this situation fix.
The MISSION is pretty cut and clear.
-she wants to move on with her life—to be with her kids.
Easier said than done!!
To move away means you need to sell the house. Yes, it is the house that she bought is the main anchor chain to her soul.
Why was the house not on the market then????
Well, her response is she does not know how to list the house!!!!
Very strange indeed…
Q: How can she not know how to list the house when she was the one that bought the house?
Q: How does she not know how to get house/car insurance?
Q: How does she not know how to open a checking/saving account?
Q: Why did you buy the house at the peak of the market?
Q: Why did you spend so much money on those “items” in the house when one knows that they will be “junks” when comes moving time? And so much hassles to move??

You know, the #1 thing is to get the damn house sold and hold and behold after so many nightly prayers and blessings from my poppy mommy, IT WAS FINALLY SOLD. FREE AT LAST- FREE AT LAST.
*** Thank you mother and father…thank you for answering my prayers***
You see folks, the only think I cannot control is when the house is going to be sold but IT SOLD!!!
She is in a nice secured furnished condo and her moving is a piece of cake.
I LET THE MOVING OF THE HOUSEHOLD STUFFS TO SOMEONE ELSE ……and I HAVE MY REASONS -as for me, I take care of the BIG important aspect of life!!
What more important is her emotional sanity/stability and not to worry about the “stuffs”.

Out of the house, no more worries about house maintenance, no more worries of who is going to sneak in or who is watching thru the windows, NO MORE…
She is free to move on to the next journey of her life…..
(well, I will let her finish the story because ONLY she knows how the story wants to be…..told) as I pray to almighty God that the story is as beautiful as the sunset I see every day.

As for me…IT IS MISSION ACCOMPLISHED -if you want to hire me aka the no nonsense BS Mr.Fixer to get your mess out, I am available……
“there is no such things as Failures, they are only Delays” and best of all…The best revenge is always living WELL.

*About her house—ask me about it……..
About what it is like staying with Suzi—that the next story…

What have you accomplished after 30+yrs in US?
What have you got to show for?

Why is she doing this…sending amazon gifts, theoretical acts of anger so slam the door, listening to inspirational and yakking in the dressing room…..still using the rr email..
Throwing questions why are you cold and angry out in the blue…to throw me off and see how I react..typical trick

This whole thing is a freaking stupid pathetic.
How can you let someone controls your soul is beyond understanding?
Anyway, you are free now
F them f them all
The chain is not tied to your BF A ** anymore and you can F off anyone you want including me as I am so useless to you. As you said, you don’t like anything of me, the way I walk,eat,smell, talk, arrogant etc etc..(go ahead, keep comparing)
F me and the rest of world.
Time for you to move on…with your kids.
Anybody can be a mother, but are you a GOOD mother?
As for me, I don’t want to be just a dad, I want to be a SUPER-DUPER dad and I have proven to be one!!

Yes, I have been manipulated, stabbed and played behind my back-STUPID me..but that okay because you just gave me an excuse to come after you now , your nightmare has just began.
NOBODY nobody takes advantage of me or to my kid!!!
They don’t called me Chris GOH for nothing- as GOH stands for go to hell

Now my dear, fly like an Eagle ,
fly away to your new found freedom.
fly away to wherever you want.
As you said, this is your 2nd chance…fly away..
Fly away on your new found wings
Fly away far and wide
Spread your wings
Soar high thru the skies
Fly –fly –fly- from morning to dawn
Fly to the end of the sunset
Good luck my dear good luck on your new found freedom.
My dear, don’t cut yourself short, don’t stood low,
You are so much better than 99.99% of the population.
You are a Metal Boar- persistent stubborn and smart!! Use it wisely but not against me.

p/s I couldn’t give a damn you compare me against others because I know I am better than most and I kick A*ss