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Identify the Poop!! What animal is it?

PoopApp: An Electronic Field Guide uses visual recognition software to help identify species from photographs. is the first in a series of electronic field guides being developed to demonstrate this new technology. This free mobile app helps identify animal species from photographs of their poop/feces and contains beautiful high-resolution images of their Poops.

I would like a poop app. Snap the scat and find out what animal was on the trail recently.

1. Feces identification is NOT easy. Simple changes an animal’s diet can dramatically change the color, shape and contents of feces making it difficult to determine the source of the droppings without scientific equipment.

Biohazards with wildlife scat2. Feces identification can be dangerous!! Be safe. Droppings are dirty and germy. Avoid handling droppings without proper protection, which includes avoiding inhaling around it. Some diseases may contracted through dust borne particles.