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Solar Power for Homes

Instead of getting the latest plasma TV or SubZero refrigerator, why not do something good for your family, your electricity bill and the environment by making your home solar powered?

A solar-powered house is one where a photovoltaic solar power system is constructed to provide for the household’s electricity needs. Most of the time, equipping a house for solar power is done through the placement of solar panels on the roof in a direction where exposure to the sun’s rays will be maximized.

Solar panels capture the sun’s heat and light, and convert it into electricity to power appliances, heat swimming pools and run cooling systems.

In some cases, the entire electricity needs of a home can be met by solar energy. Of course, aside from the power needs, factors such as the location of the home, weather and seasons have to be considered. In most cases though, homeowners opt for a hybrid system wherein solar energy acts as a supplement to traditional energy.

Quite a few people are concerned that solar panels would make their home unsightly. Well don’t fret, the days of bulky and cumbersome solar panels are over. Today’s latest crop of solar panels are sleek and streamlined. Newer models are made with aesthetics in mind and are meant to fit and blend in with even multi-faceted roofs.

So why go solar? The energy that the sun provides our planet in a day is enough to support human consumption for a year. However, much of this remains untapped and unutilized as many are still reluctant to make the switch to solar power. But for those who are, solar panels do more than just save our environment. They lessen our country’s reliance on foreign oil imports and more importantly, reduce your home’s electricity bill.

Despite a substantial initial investment, powering your home with solar energy will definitely be cost-effective in the long run. Those expensive Italian mosaic tiles or luxurious leather sofas will not give you this kind of return on investment. In terms of home improvements, going solar indeed gives you the biggest bang for your buck.