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My trip to Atlanta-Georgia Aquarium

I have the opportunity to visit Peach Tree, Atlanta. It is a beautiful small city. It is one of the most affluent areas in Atlanta as I can see nice big houses along the Lake PeachTree.
I went for bike rides along the lake and it is gorgeous. On my first day of bike riding, I didn’t realize that the path was shared by golf carts. Numerous times I almost got hit head to head with the golf carts.
Turned out that Peach Tree has about 100+ miles of golf cart path and that why so many people drive golf carts. Makes sense as it saves gasoline and they are all electric.
I just have to learn to share the path with golf carts. They only pay $15 per year for the license and the age limit to drive one is just 15yrs old.

The minus side of Peach Tree is there is no public transportation, so everyone drives just like the people in Arlington Texas.

Finally I got the opportunity to visit the Georgia Aquarium. WOW- all I can say is WOW. You have to visit that place and it is one of the best aquarium in the world.
Here are some pictures of the whale sharks.


You have to visit the aquarium!! To me, it is the best in the world!!
The cost of admission is only $37 and it is a bargain. You can spent hours watching those gorgeous fishes and you even get to see the dolphin show for 30minutes.
What a bargain!!
Georgia Aquarium is relatively a new building as it was opened in 2007 and it is privately funded. All the cost goes to research and caring of those fishes.
I would not mind paying $50 just to see those fishes.

What shocks me is I have never seen so many fat OBESE people in Atlanta. I mean, fat people like 270+lbs with big pot belly. Must be the deep fried food.