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Why Republican Rommney will never win ….

Well because I and the rest of the 99.99999% votes cannot relate to his background.

He is so out of touch,out off reality.

Look at his family..all white, nicely dresses, always smiling and no care in the world.
Oh yea, the rich kid going to private school and the the elite university.

Does he or any members of his family ever work during college to pay for tuition? Does he really know what Hunger means? Does he really know what struggle mean?

Well, if you don’t experience all these hardships, how on earth can you relate to the common folks.

Look at the Republicans, all nice dresses, whitish…and rich…all the richness passin down to their generations.

They are super rich but don’t want to pay taxes….how on earth do they become rich? – at the expense of the society. If you do not give back to the society, they cannot afford to buy…money needs to change hands, money needs to move, the trickle down effect.