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Nation of Immigrants

the doctor that will save your freaking live is an immigrant.

That grey anatomy show is a freaking joke, the actors/actress are white boys/girls screwing around in the supply room but if you visit the best medical centers in USA, you see doctors from all over the world.
this is a nation of immigrants. It’s what makes us great. People who come here from all over the world willing to work hard to make their dreams a reality. Immigrants are the amongst the hardest working people I know.

Internet is full of BS, people lie

BullShitWebsites- websites(humans too)that provide useless garbage BS info and trying to sell something that you don’t need and always wanting you to spend money!!! Is your website the self-serving time-waster useless BullShitWebsite?–STOP Wasting Time Online!!!-STOP Buying Junk Online!!!Everybody is always trying to sell you something.

Internet is full of BS, words is full of ambiguities, words have no feeling, no substance, it is all just talk. Numbers lie, people lie on the internet.

Give me a real person face to face and I can read their body language.
They don’t call me a shark or a warthog for nothing, I can smell a con a mile away.

That why online phone interview is discriminatory. Some people can speak well on the phone because of their tone of voice , they can con you.
Those people who are not native have a big disadvantage.
That why phone interview is full of BS, not valid!!