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Rude Inconsiderate Abusive Pawn Brain Librarian

Was at the SW library, reading a book, sitting at a far corner of the room .My shoes are brand new, wearing a pair of clean socks and out of public sight. Like most of you, trying to be as comfortable as possible and not bothering anyone except when this librarian told me that it is a policy that one needs to have their shoes on AT ALL TIME. My shoes were just very near to my feet and sometimes half way in as I have a blister

I politely asked him for the policy (see attached) and it did not state anything about taking the shoes off. It just state, no shirt no shoes (barefoot).

Bear in mind, I was not even walking with socks on.

I told him that is a ridiculous policy and should not be applied. I wanted to discuss with him constructively about the policy but he rudely refused and wrote me this “Notice of Exclusion Order”-banning me for coming to the library for 3 days.

I called the Administrative office at the Library’s HQ and talked to an Administrator and she said that my particular case was ridiculous and “nip-picking”.

What I wanted to discuss with the librarian that wrote me up is: Does this apply when one is wearing thongs or slippers or slip in/out scandals?

Guess what, the Administrator said it is OKAY to wear slippers.

Now go figure, it is okay to wear slippers and let everyone see your toes but you cannot wear socks!!

Note: the librarian said I was banned from ALL libraries but the question is how will you know I have gone to another library?

I have used other libraries and no librarians have approached me about this situation except this librarian at SW library.

Well folk, your taxes are at work here and what would you do?