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Expect the unexpected

Good things come to those who do not act too hastily out of emotion but rather wait until the opportune moment to create the best scenario. Proverbs should never be interpreted as foolproof solutions to all of life’s mysteries.

Have you ever had the experience of expecting somethting but the results do not come out the way it is  (many of them) or when you don’t expect something or anything but that something turn out to be wonderful

Let me give a couple of experiences I encountered that turned out to be beautiful.

Couple years back when I was not feeling well, tummy ache and felling yarkky in the cold rainy February weather, I don’t feel like getting up and do my normal walk to Lincoln Park. Anyway, I got my big fat lazy butt out to get my exercise. While walking to the park, I asked myself why am I doing this, in this cold, wet rainy dark weather….anyway I went my normal route and as usual I sat on the bench in front of the Coleman Pool.

I was tying the shoelace and than suddenly I heard the Swosh swosh noise coming from the water…..I looked up and wow wow wow, what I saw was amazing…a pod of Orca aka the killer whales. They were frolicking right in front of me like 200 feet off the shore. I think there were about 20 whales.