Making Money OnLine

All Websites are full of BullShit Websites

I came across this website: and I get a good laugh at that website.

What are the functions of a website:
-Provide information
-Asking money and more money

Basically, that is true. All websites provide information, and most of the websites provide way too much information that we don’t need or too bogus information.
And lastly, all of them asking for some form of money and more money.

The biggest Bogus websites are the websites that tell you that you can make big money aka the money making websites.
What they don’t tell you is you always have to send in your credit card numbers to get their so called Secrets of making money online, their ebooks.

If the website owners are so gracious about telling you the secrets of showing you how to make money online, then why are they telling you? Do you want to tell someone where the goldmines are or the fishing holes?

Did you notice that all money making websites have the same content that are copied from somewhere else and same affiliation programs. The only different is the name of the sites.
Content is cheap because it can be stolen.
And back to their ebooks secrets if you buy from them…don’t get your hopes too high, The content of the ebook are also stolen, same old S*^hit from somewhere else and you can cut and paste to use on your other sites.

All you need to make money online and have a good website is a good solid catchy domain name.
As mentioned, content is cheap as it can be manipulated, stolen, digest from somewhere else.
After that, it is all about marketing, marketing and marketing which is also called Spamming.

Anybody who have upload videos to youtube, or have facebook or in social networking sites are what marketer called attention whores aka drama queens.

In short, if you have a website you want traffic and the secret in getting traffic is you have to be like a prostitute.

Prostitute=attention whores=drama queen=TRAFFIC=MONEY.

See, plain and simple!!! Without traffic, your website is dead.
What don’t you understand!!! Traffic means money !!!

Another thing about the internet, everything and anything is a fair game and IF YOU DON’T DO IT, SOMEONE ELSE WILL ALWAYS DO IT!!!

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