Solar Products for You and the Environment

There are many ways to put sunlight to practical use. A quick look at your nearest home improvement store will reveal a host of gizmos and gadgets that are powered by solar energy. Equipped and improved with the latest technology, nifty solar products are now more ingenious and useful – as they continue to inspire us to make the switch to solar.

  • Solar lights. Outdoor solar garden lights usher in a whole new revolution in lighting and landscaping. Aside from being environmentally friendly, the latest breed of solar lights are now more functional and aesthetically pleasing. Equipped with LED lights, these outdoor solar gadgets last longer and shine brighter. What’s also great about solar lights is that there is no need for wiring to connect to an energy source. Thus, they can be placed and moved around anywhere you want them to fit your lighting needs.
  • Solar water heaters. From the one-million gallon pool used in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics to virtually all homes in Israel, India and Greece, solar water heaters are all the rage. What is great about this technology is that manufacturers create different types of heaters to fit all needs, residential or commercial. Solar heaters can either act as the primary source of heat or as a back-up to the conventional electric heater. It’s about time you heat up your bath and swimming pool with solar heaters.
  • Solar cookers. Ranging from the simple and homemade to the modern and high-tech. Solar cookers are a useful and eco-friendly alternative to conventional cooking. Perhaps its greatest and most noble purpose yet is humanitarian. Widely used in African villages and refugee camps in Darfur, solar cookers have greatly improved the lives of many people. Women no longer have to leave the safety of their refugee camps to gather firewood and families can save on cooking fuel by going solar.
  • Solar cars. Though yet to be available to the general public, the government, scientists and economists recognize that the future of transportation could well be powered by solar cars. Though vehicles can be powered on solar energy alone, the cars of the future would most probably run on a hybrid of solar and traditional gasoline. Still, there is one thing we know for sure: our spending at the fuel pump will definitely be much lower.

So take the road less traveled and make the switch to solar. The key to saving the environment is available at a store near you.

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