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Saving Money-Drying clothes outside

This is how I dry all my clothes, save lots of money and it only takes 2 days to dry in the 50s and only one day it is 60s and above.
Oh yeaaaaaaaa save lots of money and best of all -going green. When it is fry, all you have to do is touch dry in the dryer. The clothes last longer too.
Using the power of the SUN- FREE SUN

Yea-lots of people are freaking embarrass to do this hanging clothes because they might offend their neighbors but who gives a F… I tell my neighbors that I save lots of money and that all I care. What there to be embarrass about??? in most of Asian countries like in Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Thailand, you can see those people hanging clothes outside.
Yea- the best part is you get to see your neighbor’s clothes and I love it when I see cute panties …..Whopeeeeeee


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So my dear what is there to be shy about??

In America, it is such a BS- they say to go green and save energy and blah blah blah– by changing the light bulbs, compost the food and driving electric cars —— all these are pretty freaking small stuffs- but it all adds up. The BIGGEST ENERGY SAVE IS DRY YOUR FREAKING CLOTHES OUTSIDE–FREE SUN-
AND use rain barrels. Yes I have lots of rain barrels too.
Save lots of water and energy!!! BEST OF ALL SAVE LOTS OF MONEY!!!