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The Worlds Most Expensive Beers

The Worlds Most Expensive Beers

Craft beers are all the rage in the states. Beers that are meant to be savored, enjoyed, maybe even stored in the cellar for a while. This new phenominon may be due to diminishing beer sales, or maybe it’s just a new niche market to exploit. Either way, craft beers have surfaced which offer a new sophistication to the beer lover… as well as a much larger price tag. Some examples:

  • Michelob brews “Celebrate” which goes for $10 per bottle and comes in at 10% alcohol by volume.
  • The “Stone Imperial Russian Stout” from Stone Brewing is $9 per bottle at 10.8% alcohol by volume.
  • Dogfish Head makes “Fort” for $16 per bottle which contains 18.5% alcohol by volume.

The name of the article however is “The Worlds Most Expensive Beers”. There are only two beers that fit into that category.

Drinking Beer - Tutankhamun Ale “Tutankhamun Ale” holds the record for the most expensive single bottle of beer ever sold. The first bottle of this brew went for $7,686. It was developed by archaeologists from Cambridge University’s Egypt Exploration, and Scottish and Newcastle Breweries. They uncovered an ancient kitchen in the Sun Temple of Queen Nefertiti, a relation by marriage of King Tut. They examined the dregs in the ancient brewing jars, deciphered hieroglyphics, and excavated at least 10 brewing rooms. They only produced enough ingredients to make 1,000 bottles of “Tutankhamun Ale”. The first bottle went for an outrageous price of $7,686, but the rest were sold for about $76, although at an auction at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, some were willing to pay more than $500.

Drinking Beer - Tutankhamun Ale “Utopias” is brewed by Sam Adams Brewery. Its not only the most expensive beer, it is also the strongest commercially available beer. It is 25% alcohol by volume and is made from the finest Bavarian hops of Saaz, Spalt Spalter, Hallertau Mittelfruh and Tettnang Tettnanger. It is aged in oak barrels and it comes in antique copper-colored bottles. The price tag is $100 for a 24 oz bottle and it’s brewed for 2 oz servings. It has not only garnered recognition from the Guinness Book of World Records as the strongest and the most expensive beer. It has also been appreciated by International beer tasting competitions. They only made 8,000 bottles, so you better hurry over to eBay if you want one.