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Save Money For Your Home Deposit and Save The Environment Too

Save Money For Your Home Deposit and Save The Environment Too

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With more of us searching for ways to contribute to a greener environment, there are some simple money saving tactics that can help you save for your down payment for your new home and still help contribute to improving our environment.
Save Money By Going Green At The Grocery Store

When we shop, we bring our groceries home in either paper sacks or plastic sacks. If you pay for your trash, paper and plastic bags not only increase your costs for trash removal but they spend time in landfills contributing to our environmental woes. Buying re-usable bags and using them each time you go to the grocery store will not only help protect our environment but will also help you save money towards your down payment.
Bike Don’t Drive & Save Money On Gas

One of the most common threats to our environment is the emissions from our cars. Using your bike to accomplish local errands such as going to the post office, the bank or even driving to work one day a week can help save money on gas (significant at today’s prices) and put that savings towards your down payment on your home while contributing to the environment.
Reduce Electricity Costs

We all have left our homes with the lights on, the bathroom fan running or left the heat on too high. There are hundreds of inexpensive timers that are available today that can regulate our lights or heat to save some serious money. Making a small investment in a timer today can pay long term benefits in saving money towards your down payment and reducing your impact on the environment at the same time.
Saving Money By Reducing Water Consumption

While this may sound impossible to do, it’s really a lot easier than you might think. Bathing instead of showering uses much more water, running water to brush your teeth and running water to rinse dishes all use up excess amounts of water. You can save money on your water bill and use those savings towards your down payment by filling your sink with water to rinse dishes (instead of running water to rinse), filling up a cup to rinse your teeth (versus running the water to do that) and also by showering instead of bathing.
Making More Money While Helping The Environment

What about some green environment tips that can actually make you some extra money? Let’s take a look at some of the fun ways you and your family can help protect the environment and even make or save a few dollars in the process!

* Returnable Cans And Bottles – Consider getting your family involved in a clean up of your neighborhood streets or a local playground. These areas are often ripe with discarded bottles and cans which can add to your savings for your home down payment. You will be contributing to not only helping our environment but also helping improve the look of your neighborhood.
* Using Food Waste And Yard Waste – Consider composting your yard waste and food waste. This waste makes great fertilizer and can save funds that will allow you to increase your savings towards your home down payment. Fertilizer is expensive but using mulching materials that you have in your own home to fertilize your flowers and lawn can result in a significant savings.
* Recycling Paper And Tin – Check in your area if there are centers that will pay you for recycling your paper and tin. These places are often available in your local supermarket parking lot. Even if they will not pay you, recycle your paper and tin to help out the environment.

Protecting the environment and saving money can go hand in hand. Apply as many of these tips as possible and you will be giving back and helping the community while saving money. Looking for more tips on how to save money while going green? You may want to check out this article with 10 ways to go green and save money at the same time.