Tennis rules need to be changed

There are some tennis rules that should be changed to make the game move faster and to be fair for everyone. More smoothly and no interruptions of play.

#1- the changeover should be 30seconds-no more no less. Any seconds exceeded, the player will be penalized by one point. This should have ample time for the players to wipe their sweats, change racquets, drink etc etc.

#2- No trainers are needed. Players should never called trainers for any medical conditions like blisters, sores, cramps or anything-nothing is life threatening in the game. If player cannot continue to play , then the game is won by the opponent. If the players are not physically fit, then that their responsibility. Physically fitness is one of the key ingredients to the winning success of the players.

#3- What the freaking deal with wiping the sweat with towels after every freaking point!! There is no wiping in the women games but for the men, it is getting ridiculous. So no towel  and this free the ballboys/girls from being their servants.

Or go get your own damn towel

That what sweat bands are for.

#4- All the coaches should be out sight from the players. The coaches should be seated far away from the view of their players. This is to avoid hands-eyes  coaching messages.

#5-What the freaking deal of changing racquets after every ball change!! Changing of racquets should only be down when the set is over for the changeover.

#6- no chairs needed on the courts, no seating.

#7 remove the “net” let on the 1st serve. Make it as a point. You think the server is going to say “sorry”, hell no, it is my point..that it!


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