Famous Wine Regions

Wine is made and marketed all over the world nowadays. It used to be that only ‘Old World’ regions such as the wine-making areas of France were perceived to be the best producers here but, nowadays, ‘New World’ regions such as America are producing great quality wines as well. Some of the most famous wine regions include:

* Alsace – the French region of Alsace borders with Germany and is the home to many famous and highly regarded wines.

* Andalucia – this region of Spain is famous for its sherry and its selection of wines.

* Bordeaux – this French region is primarily known for its classic red wines.

* Burgundy – France’s Burgundy region produces some of the best known wines in the world.

* California/Napa Valley – California is held to be one of the brightest stars in the ‘New World’ firmament.

* Cape Winelands – based near Cape Town in South Africa this is now held to be the 7th top ranked wine production region in the world in terms of quantity.

* Champagne – Champagne is the home to the French classic sparkling wine of the same name.

* Hunter Valley – Australia’s Hunter Valley produces all kinds of wines and some highly regarded vintages.

* Loire Valley – this French region is one of the most famous wine-making regions in the world. It is perhaps best known for the white wines it produces but also produces high quality red wines as well.

* Mendoza – based in Argentina, Mendoza has a range of vineyards located by the Andes.

* Oregon – Oregon in the USA has a range of vineyards that produce over 40 different types of highly regarded wines.

* Piedmont – Italy’s Piedmont region produces various highly regarded wines including Barolos and Barbarescos.

* Porto – this Portuguese region is best known for its production of port.

* Rheinhessen – this is the largest wine producing region of Germany. It was once known simply as the home of Liebfraumilch but now produces a variety of highly regarded wines.

* Tuscany – Italy’s Tuscany is probably best known for its Chianti.

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