Dirtiest hotel room I ever stayed

Disgusting! Room was filthy, looked like had never been cleaned, and roaches everywhere. Avoid!!! Room#223
I arrived late on Monday nite, tired and was getting ready to go bed and I saw what was making those funny noises on the ceiling. Turned out to be there were thick layers of dusts covering the ventilation and the fan was choking from the gooey dust.
Well, it was already late and I needed to be up early so I decided to make a bed from the sofa. Went to the bathroom and met my friendly neighbor(s),- the everlasting cockroach(es).
Told the front desk during the day and showed him the photos.
Someone came to suck the thick dust off the top of the vent, BUT where did the dust go?
Yes Sireeeeeeeee,the dusts were all over the carpet and all over the bed sheet. NO ONE BOTHERED TO CLEAN THE MESS UP-I requested new sheets but were only give a couple.
This morning the housekeeping came and vacuum the dirty carpet but did not change the sheet, all she did was folded them up for me to re-use!

I asked for a new room but s/he said there aren’t any so I just “ suck” with it. Anyway, I gave them lots of chances to clean the room but nothing happen and am waiting from them (anyone from the front desk to come talk to me)





Country Inn & Suites Jackson
Hotel contact details
3506 Oneil Dr
United States

As the saying goes: If you ask, you will get into trouble, if you don’t ask, you will get into MORE troubles”

Wisdom from my great grand fathers-the Genghiz and Kublai Khans- the fearless warriors

Need to change:

No more sitting down, just take the 30sec break and play on
no medical timeout, no calling the trainer, if you are injure, it means you are not fit play and does not deserve to win
and of course go get your damn towel, sick and tired of seeing you treat the ball boys/girls like your servants.

For Soccer, no more the pathetic shoot out and thus removing the draw, play the extra time for 15mins each until someone scores the goal. Shoot out is a freaking pathetic

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