SuperBowl Go HAWKS!!

Am just finished watching the Australian Open and now the Super Bowl.
Yup it is a special day here in the USA- a special day where 99% of the other part of the world don’t have a clue what American Football is all about- where men trained so many hours in the gym, built their bodies into machines and their goal is to beat each other up just for that special spiny ball, and best of all, they get paid big $$$$ macho bucks.

It is an excuse for us to get together and party and eat and eat and act silly pretending that we care and pretending we know about the game that most of us don’t have the built for it.

Who cares, as long as we are having fun compare to other parts of the world that even flying a kite is dangerous.

Let play ball….!!

Man, what a country~~

I love this country !! God bless USA

Goooooooooooooo Hawks!!

It is so nice to see your city Seattle in the Superbowl, so much free publicity, which means $$$$$$ to the economy. Tourism has gone up, #1 high tech job, and etc etc.

Proud to wear the Seahawks jersey at the airport and getting hugs/kisses and sex and others!!

Can we agree the coach lost the Super Bowl with the “pass” call instead of feeding the beast?….

Even the Pros make mistakes!!

Well, at least this will be the football talk when every Superbowl comes around, and guess what,
the good news is Seattle Sea -hawks will be mentioned all and everytime .

Remember folks, it is all about Entertainment.


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