The Largest Jade Plant (indoor) in the WORLD


Finally she flowers on X-Mas Day, best present I ever had. More pictures at the Forum.



Jade Plant is appraised at $350kUSD

Location: Seattle, WA

Room temperature: 50-60F

Age:15yrs old

Height: 4’11”

Width” 5’ 6”

Trunk Size: 15 “

Pot size:18 X 21

Leaf size: 2-3”

Care: Water once a week in Summer and once every 2 weeks in Winter. Use good clean fertilizer .

Lots of TLC….and lots of good loving talking.

Use it as my Christmas tree

Flowering: Oct 25th, 2008!! Whopeeee

Click here to see more pictures of Jade Plant.

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The jade is so big that there is no way she can be moved out of the house. She goes with the house-she is part of the house. A beautiful living breathing human being in the living room. Call me crazy all you want and yes I do talk to her all the time.


The last time I changed the soil was in 2007 and the soil I used is the one I got from Home Depot, nothing special soil—just the clean good soil.



As you can see from the pictures, I have to put the long table against the pot to prevent the pot from tipping over. She has to be transferred to a bigger, newer, and a more stable pot with wheels. Don’t ask me how I am going to do it, maybe a couple of Hulks will help me out.

During Summers, the leaves grow like crazy and buds start shooting up. I have to break the buds off. Water once a week.

During Winters, water once every 2 weeks.

No special fertilizers needed, just good old TLC.

I have given some of the shoots to my friends and all of them are doing very well.

Anyway, I think this is the largest jade plant in the world, if not, please send me your jade plant(s) pictures. You can post your pictures at Forum .

I always love Jade plants as they bring the good ying and yang, peaceful harmony to the house. See that lottery ticket at the jade flower……my time has come for the big one $$$.

I have a couple of jade plants of different varieties, the big leaf, the climbing one, the long finger leave, the spiny leaf and the small thin one.

There is one jade plant with the pink flower and it was taken at my Aunt’s house in Melaka.

Yes, I do have a big garden with lots of fruit tress and a big vegetable garden. I have Asian pear trees, regular pear tree Italian prunes, fig, apples, Rainer cherry trees, Apricot, Japanese persimmon, and who knows what. Also included are blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry, I grow lots of green beans, Chinese pea pods, Chinese spinach, zucchini, char, spinach, asparagus and more than I can remember.

I buy most of the seeds at the 99cent store , 10 packets at a dollar. How can you beat that!!!

Anyway, if you have any good garden pictures, please post at the forum and share them with us.



If you have any questions about growing jade, shoot me an email. I am the Jade Master . Check out my other websites: and my funky site:

I do love growing grapes but cannot afford to own a winery.

95 thoughts on “The Largest Jade Plant (indoor) in the WORLD

  1. Jo Anne

    Hi Chris:
    Your Jade plant is absolutely gorgeous !!! I just bought 3 little jade plants at Home Depot yesterday (Saturday, March 14,’09) I am going to plant them in a clay pot and they will be on a second floor screened in patio that gets the western afternoon sun. I know I will need to protect them from that.How often will I need to water them if I water them well when transplanting? I’d rather ask you than any of the other “so called experts” since your plant is lots better than any I have seen of theirs.
    Thanks for sharing the pictures and look forward to hearing from you with the answers to my questions.

  2. chrisgoh1 Post author

    Hello Jo Anne,

    I water them twice a week during summer and once every 3 wks during winter.

    Where are you at? If you are in Seattle, I could give you a cutting of the jade plant.

    Good Luck

  3. Jo Anne

    I am in Bradenton, Florida.
    I have a question for you…how come my plant does not turn red on the tips like everyone elses that I’ve seen? It is outside on a patio.
    I am still amazed at your plants…absolutely gorgeous !!!!!!!!!!!

  4. chrisgoh1 Post author

    Hello Jo Anne,

    How old is your plants? Please send pictures if you like

    I give lots of TLC, water and LOVEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to all my plants. I even talk to them.
    Man, the jade flowers are gorgeous.
    Good luck, Ying and Yang.

    Do not put the plant in direct sun, it gonna burn the leaves.

    Good luck and be patient.

  5. chrisgoh1 Post author

    It will turn red and then black and you have to nip off the leaves to prevent diseases.

    All you need is clean pot and clean soil.
    No need to add those extra fertilizer sticks, just the nutrients from the bagged soil from HD is good enough.


  6. Robbie

    Hat to say it, My grandad had one that was over 5′ tall, and had a trunk circumference of 18″. As for the age.. who knows. When it got as big as that, he planted it in the garden, and it got bigger, I took cuttings of it before the house was sold when he died, But they did not strike, I still have mine which is 4 1/2 ‘ tall. Or is it 5’ now, will have to measure. 🙂

  7. Shirley Cooke

    I have a jade plant that is 25 years old. About a month ago I noticed it has been getting limp and that there is a white powder on the leaves. Then a black spot appears and the leaves fall off! What can I do to dave my tree? I would hate to loose it after all this time! Please respond!!!

  8. chrisgoh1 Post author

    Hello Shirley,
    Seems like it has the black fungus disease and it is very very contagious.

    Please change the soil and the pot or clean it very very well.

    Cut all those diseased leaves .

    Hopefully this will start fresh.

    Please send pictures if you like so I can do a full diagnose.

    Chris aka the Jade Master.

  9. jennifer

    that’s a pretty jade but I think I might have a bigger one it’s atleast 20 years old. They’re pretty easy to take care of. The less attention you pay it the better for it does not need a lot of water. I would say I’m a fan of this plant cause it doesn’t need a lot of attention. I wish I could show a pic.

  10. Sue

    I have the same problem as Shirley Cooke. I’ve had my plant about 10 years. Not as great looking as yours but I love it all the same. I’ve looked on so many sites to find out what is wrong with my jade. I thought it was a fungus and bought a new pot and soil for it but I have been afraid to transplant it- sounds like I have to do it now! Is there a safe non toxic fungicide I can also spray on the plant?

  11. chrisgoh1 Post author


    Please share your jade plants with us. You can send them to or to

    Chris aka the Jade Master

    July 27th, 2009 at 9:41 am edit

    that’s a pretty jade but I think I might have a bigger one it’s atleast 20 years old. They’re pretty easy to take care of. The less attention you pay it the better for it does not need a lot of water. I would say I’m a fan of this plant cause it doesn’t need a lot of attention. I wish I could show a pic.

  12. chrisgoh1 Post author


    All you need is good organic soil and clean pot.
    You do not need to use any chemicals, just let time and nature take care of the plant.

    Good Luck
    Chris aka the Jade Master.

    July 29th, 2009 at 4:11 pm edit

    I have the same problem as Shirley Cooke. I’ve had my plant about 10 years. Not as great looking as yours but I love it all the same. I’ve looked on so many sites to find out what is wrong with my jade. I thought it was a fungus and bought a new pot and soil for it but I have been afraid to transplant it- sounds like I have to do it now! Is there a safe non toxic fungicide I can also spray on the plant?

  13. Jenna

    Sorry to burst your bubble but my Dad has a jade plant thats waaaay bigger. He has had it for thirty years. Last year, he gave me a cutting from it, and I now its already 1/2 as big as yours. But yours is still beautiful! You must trim it a lot. I like the way it has less leaves so there are more visible stems.

  14. chrisgoh1 Post author

    Hi Chris,

    Great Jade:
    My name is Nick Borsellino and I am a commercial grower in Grimsby which in southern Ontario, Canada. I was looking at your pictures of your jades and was astonished of the quality of you jade. She sure is a beauty. Last year I started to grow various specimens of the crassulas and have had great success. I was wondering if you would ever sell your beautiful plant? If you do re pot her i would make a few suggestions that might make it easier on the jade and minimize or eliminate the need to re pot for at least 10 more years; Use a good thick ceramic or even concrete planter, you can usually even buy low platforms with wheels from home depot or at least be able to make a simple low profile to match for ease of movement. When you put new soil in there a few tricks when dealing with massive succulent plants. In the bottom of the pot first put in sand, then orchid bark (about two to three inches) then soil with sand mixed in and then a good free draining soil, like a cactus or succulent mix. The special layering in the pot allows any water to drain more readily and also absorbs a little into the bark and when it starts to dry a bit, the bark releases the moisture back into the soil! If you have a good amount of plants in the succulent family I would suggest rather then using Home Depot, which is most likely a Shultz product, go to a garden center or nursery in your area that you trust. Most of these businesses are willing to sell you a premix that would come in larger portion or one that they make. Even a wholesale greenhouse might be worth a shot.

    Nick Borsellino
    905 741 7095

  15. chrisgoh1 Post author

    Hello Nick,

    Thanks for the tips but unfortunately, the jade plant is too big for me to move. The way I re-soil is take out about 3-5 inches from the top and put in clean potting soil from Home Depot.

    The jade plant is appraised for USD$150K but who is going to move her? I think I am stuck with her for the rest of my life and she can’t move out of the house unless it take a forklift to bring her out from the front window.

    I can’t wait till December when she will be bringing in me good beautiful flowers.

    Chris aka the Jade Master

  16. Robbie

    Hey Chris. As it turns out, your is a Crassula, mine is a Portulaca. Still good tho. 🙂
    P.S. I left a message back in June about my grandad’s. His was a Prtulaca also. Still, it was massive for a portulaca. Now I am waiting for my Dracaena Draco seedlings to pull throught the spring and start growing agin this summer. I sprouted 2 from 7 seeds last summer.

  17. Patty

    Hi Chris,
    Your plant is so pretty! I have been waiting and waiting for mine which is 3 foot tall and 4 foot wide to get flowers. I didn’t even know that Jades got flowers until a about 5 years ago. She is about 15 or more years old. Poor thing was moved from one house to another to another in 6 months.
    this was during the spring and fall of 2008. She started dropping her leaves about 8 months ago. I thought maybe she was getting to much water so I slowed that down. I thought maybe she had a pest so I sprayed her. The leaves stopped dropping for a week. Now shes doing it again. I have her in a south window and there is a large front porch so, not alot of sunlight. I leave a light on her one of those curly day light bulbs. I think that might be making her stems to skinny. Oh yea and when she was in safe keeping while I was moving my friends transplanted her she was doing fine there. I don’t think she likes my home. What do you think I should do? She is so fragile. Just walking by her makes her leaves fall off. She was my Mom’s and I hate to lose her too.

  18. chrisgoh1 Post author

    Hello Patty,

    The plant is under lots of stress. Plants are like children, they need lots of love,care and touch and lastly stability. Think of all the foster kids moving from one place to another-no sense of security.Same with Jade Plants, they are living breathing human beings.
    I talk to my jade plant every day when I drink my hot cup of tea every morning and stoke her with my finger–I stroke her all over the leaves and the MAIN TRUNK…so STIMULATINg.

    You might want to change the soil and replace the pot–all clean.

    Chris aka the Jade Master

  19. Gwyn Yates

    Just wanted you to know I have a jade 55 years old that is between five and six feet tall. It measures over seven feet across. We heat a room all winter to take care of it. Named it John many years ago. we HAD A BOX TYPE PLANTER BUILT FOR IT AFTER IT WAS 30 YEARS OLD AND ARE NO LONGER ABLE TO RE-POT IT. THIS YEAR i DUG THE DIRT around IT OUT AND ADDED GOOD potting soil to it. I reached down into the box and dug with a long handled spoon (the largest I could find.) I note the pictures with the strings tied in to hold the limbs up, we have done the same thing. I tell my friends I have John in traction. Will post pictures later.


  20. greg small

    Chris, u have a beautiful jade, mine is over 25 years old, and has produced hundreds of offspring that i have given to friends and family. mine is not as tall or wide due to kitten drop, and sudden branch drop, but close. i`ll try and get pics, and send them off to u. i take care of mine just like any other of my house plants-mostly african violets. they go ouside for the summer, and flourish. i had no idea as to what they could be worth till i saw this site.

  21. Raine


    My old jade plant is potted in a clay pot, but the jade is hanging down the side, I guess due to weight, instead of standing straight up – what is the best way to repot a jade who is well settled into her pot? And is there a recommendation as to proper soil?
    Thank you!

  22. chrisgoh1 Post author

    Hello Raine,
    How big is your jade plant? If it is not too big, you can repot in a bigger pot and make sure the pot has wheels.
    This will save you lots of time when the plant gets huge like mine.
    I did not put wheels at the base of the pot and I am paying the price.
    It’s gonna take a forklift to get her up and put on the wheel base.
    As you can see, the jade plant is tilting one side and the pot is support by a table.
    Good luck and happy growing.
    Chris aka The Jade Master.

  23. chrisgoh1 Post author

    From: Suzanne Walker
    Subject: Jade plant HELP!
    Date: Wednesday, December 2, 2009, 4:33 PM

    I am so happy to find you! My husband bought a BEAUTIFUL large Jade plant,
    mini tree, last year from Molbaks. We have a lot of natural light in our
    home here in Portland, Or. It sat in a south facing huge window for months.
    I don’t think it was too bright in retrospect, as it only gets direct hot
    sunlight for probably 2 hours a day – maybe. At any rate, it dropped leaves
    constantly as well as excessively. We watered it once every couple of weeks
    during the summer letting it dry out in between. We thought it was dropping
    leaves perhaps adapting to a new environment, etc. But after months of
    this, we relocated it across the room where it gets sunlight from a large
    sky light only. It’s basically doing just the same, dropping leaves as well
    as small branches. You barely brush against it and they drop off! Although
    it does continue to sprout new growth off the trunks. One of the branches
    fell off today when I touched it which was shrivling up and it looked mushy,
    brown in parts of it and has a mildewy green powder where the branch and
    trunk meet. Yikes!

    The plant is now about half the size it was when purchased! Oh, yeah out
    of desperation he repotted it into a new pot one size larger than the other
    approx. two months ago. Yeah, still not a happy camper. We are now watering
    it barely at all, maybe once a month.

    Molbaks told us to rip a leaf open and if you can squeeze water out you are
    watering too much. Well, a little water comes out, even though it’s not
    been watered all month.

    PLUS, we have radiant heated floors, so we are thinking possibly the heat is
    bothering it, although, this wouldn’t have been the issue in the summer, as
    we don’t have it on.. We also had a smaller jade plant that sat on a table.
    Yeah, we killed that one too.

    Jade Master, can you help us?!

  24. chrisgoh1 Post author

    Hello Suzanne,

    “mildewy green powder”— that is like cancer.
    Chances are when you bought the jade plant from the nursery; the roots are already infected and also could have caught the diseases from other plants in the nursery lot.
    Having that said, it is time for some serous surgical procedures.

    Here the actions plan:

    Dump all the soil, clean the pot thoroughly and cut the roots of the jade plants—those that are infected. Cut the dead and/or infected part of the branches.
    I know, I know this sounds drastic but that the only way to save the jade.
    Jade Plants are strong and resilient – and they can even grow back from just a thumb of the stalk dip in the soil.

    Do not be afraid to do the cutting.
    I feel your pain

    Hope that helps.
    Chris aka the Jade Master

  25. Glennwalker

    Not anymore. We through the other jade plant away. There are two plants across the room from it, say 20+ feet.
    As far as the surgery goes: How do we know what roots are infected; or will it be obvious?
    The other thing I notice, perhaps this is nothing, but the trunk has spots on it, sort of looks like grease spots, or slightly darkened – fingertip sized. They are NOT wet to the touch or anything, just sort of dark spots up and down it. Does that give you any other thoughts?

  26. chrisgoh1 Post author

    Hello Glennwalker:
    How do we know what roots are infected; or will it be obvious?

    Black grease spots,or any spots that are off colored.

    If you cut the a little bit of the truck, it shoule be greenish color-this shows the health of the jade plant.

    In winter, I water the plant once every 10 days.

    Good Luck
    Chris aka the Jade Master

  27. chris

    you can certainly put jades in full sun light. if it’s been inside for a while, or hasn’t had direct sunlight before, you’ll need to slowly acclimate them to full sun. Start with an hour or two of direct sun for a few days, and work up. High light and low watering will result in amazing colors, depending on the variety.

  28. chrisgoh1 Post author

    Totally agree if you are living in the South where there is sun all the time. Here in the Pacific Northwest, you don’t even see the sun for days or months. Presently, we have ice freeze at 10C and so cold that I have to maintain the heat in the house at 60f.
    Anyway, I am so happy that that jade plant is blooming now.


    Chris aka the JadeMaster

    December 11th, 2009 at 7:37 pm edit

    you can certainly put jades in full sun light. if it’s been inside for a while, or hasn’t had direct sunlight before, you’ll need to slowly acclimate them to full sun. Start with an hour or two of direct sun for a few days, and work up. High light and low watering will result in amazing colors, depending on the variety.

  29. chrisgoh1 Post author

    “meh, i’ve seen bigger.meh, i’ve seen bigger.” or” I have a bigger one than yours”

    That what I get most of the time from other people but when I asked for photos with the stats, they can’t prove it.

    There is one guy that send me a photo of “his” jade plant,-turned out that it was a fake one and worst of all, it was outside.

    On my site:, I am requesting people to send me their jade plant pictures and let the readers decide.

    Oh well……….

    Chris aka the JadeMaster

  30. Carson

    What a lovely jade plant! My parents have been growing one for about 15 years (but inherited it from an old lady, and think the plant itself must be at least 20-25 years old), I thought you might be interested to see the photo:

    I’m posting mainly just to share in the interest of these beautiful plants, but, since I’m here, I also have a question:
    Every year this jade plant flowers beautifully. The flowers then start to dry, and at around this point, aphids appear on the plant, around the new growth and stems of the flowers. The aphids used to be a lot worse, but they continue to reoccur every year. Do you know anything about this, or about what can be done to naturally get rid of the aphids?

  31. chrisgoh1 Post author

    Hello Carson:
    The aphids problem is due to a couple of variable factors.
    The aphids could be from other plants in your house and most likely the soil is already infected with aphids eggs.
    Solutions: Get rid as much soil as possible
    Spray the jade plant with homemade dishwashing soap and water. Do this in the Summer.

    Good Luck.

    Chris aka the JadeMaster

  32. Nancy LeRoy

    Your Jade plant is lovely. I bought a cutting about 15 years or so ago and it is doing beautifully, however It has a “weeping” habit. The branches grow down and then rise up. Is this natural? I also talk to her.
    Thank you,

  33. Nancy LeRoy

    Soil is dry and it gets medium sun. I noticed in one of the pix of Jade plants listed, one looked like mine. It’s really healthy and beautiful, just branches down and up. Thanks.

  34. Amber Miller

    I was wondering if any of these pictures that you’ve been asking for from all these people have been posted anywhere. My boss and I work in the horticulture field and are very interested in seeing them. We have one of our own in a greenhouse and we just want to compare, so we can determine it’s age.

  35. meor@maru

    Hello there, amazing jade plant you got here…

    I got this plant at tesco last year… I bought it without knowing what the plant is called actually… I remained oblivious, until recently something wrong started to happen to the plant… There were leaves that were not as ‘hard’ as the rest and their color is not exactly brown per say, but certainly less green… So I’m looking at the internet for information that might correct this or information that it’s just natural occurrence…

    So is this a jade plant (kinda a stupid question)?

    And one more thing that’s been bugging me – the white dots… Are they normal?

  36. chrisgoh1 Post author


    Where is tesco?
    Yes, it is a jade plant and unfortunately, your jade plant is infected with mildew.
    Like anything else, the plant must have got it from somewhere else or from the soil that is contaminated.
    The solution is clean the pot thoroughly, and use clean soil-spray with light dish washing liquid.
    Hope for the best.
    Chris aka the JadeMaster

  37. chrisgoh1 Post author

    Hello Niki,
    Yes, I have given lots of the cuttings to my friends and neighbors and all of them are growing real big.

    If you are in my area, let me know, I can give you one.

    I have 2 jade plants about 5 yrs old from the same big mama.

    Chris aka the JadeMaster.

  38. Joyce

    Hey Chris,

    Love your jade. I have a smaller plant that may be 10 years old but is not really very big. I will transplant it next month and make an effort to convince it to grow bigger and stronger. I have read all the previous posts so I know what to do except I remember reading about using a pot with wire in the bottom to help hold the plant roots in place. My smaller plants sometimes tip out of the pot. They have thick stems and I want to grow them as bonsai plants. Are there pots that have a wire configuration to help hold the plant in position by the roots?

  39. chrisgoh1 Post author

    Hello Joyce,
    You might want to put some wheels at the base of the Pot.

    Are there pots that have a wire configuration to help hold the plant in position by the roots? NO BUT MAYBE THIS IS A GOOD MARKET NICHE FOR YOU.

    Chris aka the JadeMaster

  40. Jessica

    Hello, Jade Master! While you have a lovely jade plant,
    That said, I appreciate your knowledge and dedication to the jade plantYes, it is very large, beautiful, and impressive

  41. ewert

    Hello Chris,

    I’m writing to ask your advice about jade plants. The plant on your site is really outstanding!

    I’m an artist living in Portland, and I’m looking for a rather large (3′ – 4′) jade plant to use as a subject for a painting. I painted one a few years ago that you can see here: Now I’d like to do one that is much larger and fuller.
    I’m wondering if you might be able to recommend anywhere in the Northwest where I may be able to rent or borrow a plant like this? I’m having a hard time finding anyone that carries mature jade plants.
    Thanks for your time,

  42. Marc

    I have a jade plant that is 15 years old and in perfect condition. Unfortunatly, I am moving in a few months. I was wondering how to get my Jade plant appraised and possible how to sell it. Please let me know the best way to go about doing this.

    – Marc

  43. Kym Tarkowski

    I really enjoy reading your posts, i just used this website Swap my Seeds, as a way of giving away my unused seeds. Anyone know what I can sell them for? I have maybe 60 geranium seeds left.

  44. BlueBoden

    Hay.. I got a Jade Plant.. But sadly? i got no idea how old it is..

    If i take some cuttings and make new plants from them, what would be the accepted official age of the new plants? Same as the parent? Or should i count from the date where they where cut from the parent?

    To find out the answer of this question, we would need to know if the new shots on the parent, are effected by the parent age. Or if they are indeed as “young” as a plant from a seed.. If you know what i mean?

    Lets say a Jade has an estimated lifetime for about 100 years, and you got a new plant from a cutting of the much older parent. Would the estimated lifetime be effected?

  45. chrisgoh1 Post author

    June 9th, 2010 at 2:55 pm edit

    Hay.. I got a Jade Plant.. But sadly? i got no idea how old it is..

    If i take some cuttings and make new plants from them, what would be the accepted official age of the new plants? Same as the parent? Or should i count from the date where they where cut from the parent?

    To find out the answer of this question, we would need to know if the new shots on the parent, are effected by the parent age. Or if they are indeed as “young” as a plant from a seed.. If you know what i mean?

    Lets say a Jade has an estimated lifetime for about 100 years, and you got a new plant from a cutting of the much older parent. Would the estimated lifetime be effected?

    Pretty funny analogy BlueBoden.
    So if the new baby is born by a 50yrs old woman ,is the baby 50yrs old?

    BlueBoden, the JadeMaster can tell how old the plant is just by the feel of it.

    Chris aka the jadeMaster

  46. Lisa


    Your plant is beautiful! My jade is about ten years old, and about 3 1/2 feet tall. I have it outside sitting in a bright spot on my patio – it gets maybe 2 hours of direct morning sun, and it’s pretty hot here in Georgia, reaching into the upper 90’s lately.

    My plant is starting to have a few yellow leaves which drop off. The plant also doesn’t seem to be as dark green as others I’ve seen. I don’t water but maybe once every other week, and the soil is very dry to the touch.

    I haven’t repotted in a few years – could it be that it just needs to be repotted and/or new ‘fresh’ soil?

  47. chrisgoh1 Post author

    Hello Lisa,
    I don’t recommend putting outside -direct sun- it will burn the leaves.A total shock and added stress to the jade plant.
    I know what it is like living in the hot humid Georgia as I have lived in many places like Thailand/Malaysia/Singapore, Texas, and Oklahoma. It is darn hot.

    Yes, time to change the soil and I water once every 5 days.

    Have fun.
    Chris aka the Jade Master

  48. Nancy LeRoy

    My beautiful, old Jade is dropping many healthy leaves and branches. The heat here on Long Island and humidity is really oppressive. Is this the cause? I do not overwater. The leaves are not shriveled, so I know it doesn’t need to be watered. It is indoors near a window and gets bright light, not hot sun.
    Maybe it will come back when it’s not so humid.
    Any suggestions?

  49. BlueBoden

    Well maybe it was funny hehe.. But i mailed with some professor at the botanic garden here in cobenhagen – denmark, and he told something about accumulated genetic damage or whatever, which is aging in plants.

    So if plants do suffer from this genetic damage, from all the cell divisions they go through, then i don’t think you can compare a cutting to a seed born plant. Its still a cutting, and a cutting will unlike a seed, have accumulated some genetic damage, aging or whatever. Right?

    If we then assume that most jades are cuttings, since most people can’t seem to get them to bloom. Well then we could potentially be dealing with Jades that are hundreds of years old. Now thats what i call Funny!

    But i love the plant anyway, my own plants are currently enjoying the danish summer, though they have gotten a little sunburned. So tell me, do you put on the sun lotion on your plants or what? lol Just kidding, don’t even use it on my own skin!

  50. chrisgoh1 Post author

    You are welcome.

    Chris aka the JadeMaster


    large indoor plants:
    August 14th, 2010 at 3:25 am edit
    hi thank you for this wonderful article about indoor plants .

  51. ben

    your plant is very beautiful but mine is bigger! It is 35 years old, and also came with the house and belongs here=-)

  52. Donna

    Your plant is very nice but I know of a person in Olympia that has 3 jade plants all over 35 years old! I will give him this web address so he can post pictures. He wants to sell them as they have outgrown his house. His trees spend time outside from June 1 to Oct 1 every year.

    I estimated they are 5 to 6 feet tall and the same size around. I can’t see the trunk of his jade as the leaves are so thick it is really really pretty. How do you go about getting a tree apprasied and how do you sell them to interior design companies.
    Thanks for your feed back and sharing your pictures.

  53. Carrie

    HELP!!! There is a five foot jade outside my apartment that recently bent to the ground. I think because it has been raining so much in Los Angeles, CA. A four foot limb snapped off of it. Right now the whole plant is COVERED in tiny white flowers, and it is the saddest thing to see. How can I save the four foot limb? The trunk is about 4 inches in diameter of the broken limb. I tried to attach pictures, but your email set up won’t allow me, or at least I tried my hardest. If you give me your email, i can send you pictures.
    Thank you! Hope I hear from you soon!!!

  54. Sharon Rose

    I just stumbled onto your website and found so much information about Jade plants, it’s wonderful. I have a large jade plant that I have ignored for years. It is in an unheated room in a rock planter box facing the outside with large windows. It’s very big, but tall and lanky. I am moving now and would like to save it and improve it’s appearance. It’s so big that I know that I can’t move it by myself. It needs to be cut back and shaped, but I don’t know how. I’m afraid it will break and I don’t know where to start. I live in Oregon and I can’t believe it keeps surviving winters in that unheated room.
    Do you know anyone in my area that could help me take care of it? I would gladly pay for someone to help.

    Your Jade is shaped so beautifully. Great work.

    Sharon Rose

  55. Sharon Rose

    I live in Molalla, Oregon which is about 12 miles south of Oregon City. Probably 20 miles south of Portland.

    I just looked at the plant today. It has several trunks. I wouldn’t have a clue about how to start separating it. My Daughter would like a start from it too. It has pressed up against a window so it has some curled up leaves, but I know the plant could be worked with and made into something beautiful.

    Any advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated. From seeing your pictures of your Jade, I know that you know what you are doing.

    Good to hear from you,


    1. chrisgoh1 Post author

      Of course I know what I am doing!!!!!!
      I live and breath jade plants. Long long time ago I used to grow banana, pineapple, tapioca,coconut, mangoes,papaya and raise tilapia fish.
      What I can suggest (without seeing the jade plant,best if you can send me pictures) is to prune the weak links. Jade plants are tough and they can grow.
      Give the other trunks to your daughter and friends.

      Good luck

    2. chrisgoh1 Post author

      I know where Molalla is, as I went to school in Oregon, Monmouth.
      Molalla is close to Silverton and I used to live at Crooked Fingers. Man, I sure miss the hike at Silver Falls.


  56. abel

    Hi Chris
    I need your help/advice. I bought 2 jade plants during chinese new year, and both recently started to drop leaves. One of them which I put in the hall, lost a fair bit and now the bottom looked really empty! I realised I watered them too much cos I was so happy they were growing and so I thought more water will help. I tried to propagate the elaves by leaving it in the pot but they shrivelled up, became wet and died. How is it that some people can progpate jade plants just by leaving it in moist soil and I cant? I also noticed some white powdery stuff on the leaves. Is it bad? I havent watered in 2 weeks. Can you teeach me how to propagate jade plants safely? And I have no idea what type of soil it is in, I bought it in Cold Storage supermarket here. I wish my jade will grow to like yours:) Also I read there are some jade plants which are silver in colour, that will be nice to have! Thanks!

  57. abel

    OK, the sad situation is, the leaves are all gone, the stems soft and I pulled out the plant and surprised to see the roots so tiny and dry. That happened 10 mins ago, When I wrote to you in earlier email, the plant was still surviving somehow. The person who sold the plant told me to try spraying it with some diluted vitamin B last weekend, which I did, but that didnt work. So I must have killed the plant by first watering too much then letting it go without water for 2 weeks. So did my plant die more from over watering or underwatering or both? I am really confused. I had 2 plants which I overwatered – meaning instead of watering once a week, I watered twice in that fateful week. This was followed by period of dryness – weeks. This plant that died tonight, I really loved it, and I put it on the kitchen window sill, and really I thought I was doing it some good. But it appear not. The other plant is however living, a bit dull I think. But I think I better not think too much on it, just keep my fingers crossed. I am afraid if I dont understand what were the things I did wrong I might repeat. ANyway, I cut away the stems and leaves, and remain the little root with the hairs. Can I dry it and how do I try to make the roots come back to life again? Yes, I like to resurrect the plant if I can. I cant think of anything else for the past few weeks now. ALso, I cant find any shops that sell this jade plant now.

    Thanks for your help.

    1. chrisgoh1 Post author

      Change the soil, clean the pot and put the jade plant in a sunny area but not on the direct sun.

  58. abel

    thanks chris. the little trunk with a few roots (looked like hairs) are now dry. so i will put in new pot and i believe your earlier posts u mentioned ordinary potting soil is ok? how come when i tried to root the leaves, the leaves rot?

    1. chrisgoh1 Post author

      It has to be good clean potting soil.

      Let the leaves dry a couple of days and when you see the roots, you insert them in the soil.
      Don’t let the leave touch the soil as it it acts as a sponge and it will rot.

      Good luck

  59. abel

    hi chris, the leaves still rot. the root i think is gone. so i managed to get another jade plant. the leaves are similar to yours. (the one that died has smaller rounder leaves) anyhow, can you advise if watering it once a week, and there is no need to water till water drips out of the pot is ok? because i am confused – if we are not to over water, then why do some say let it dry completely then water till water comes out at the other end? that would be overwatering isnt it? i read that putting used coffee grounds is good for jade plants. do you use them?

  60. Pingback: The Secret of the growth of the plants of the desert | Plant Growth

  61. Norma

    Help…..bountiful leaves and branches, but the MAIN stem is not growing as fast it seems or something. The steams are limpy and there are sooooo many of them bending over. It’s about two feet high, but I’m having to prop all the steams up. It gets a lot of filtered sun, slightly brownish in the edges…..but WHY THE LIMPIN????



    1. chrisgoh1 Post author

      I would cut those limps out and put in clean pots. Change the soil.

      I bet the soil is infected.

      You are welcome to send me pictures .

      Chris aka the JadeMaster

  62. Norma

    What do you think it could be infected with and how does that happen? It has a LOT of branches and leaves in relation to the main stem/trunk. I’ve propped/tied the stems up (supported them), but don’t know if I should. In looking at the pictures here…..there are a lot of limbs……in relation to leaves…….in mine, there are far more leaves in relation to the stems, making it top heavy.

    Have you ever had this limping/bending over problem?

    Thanks for the advice/help!!!


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  64. Quinn

    I have a jade plant that is about 6 inches tall and is needing to be transplanted into a new pot.. Is it best to transplant every spring into a slightly bigger pot or can I plant right into a 10” pot? Also, any insight on the best soil mix to plant it? Any planting tips would be great, thanks Chris!

    1. chrisgoh1 Post author

      Since it is a small jade plant, just remove the jade plant and clean the roots.
      Yup, put in a new clean 10 inch pot with indoor soil-(miracle growth) and you are set.

      Pretty easy.

      Chris aka the JadeMaster.

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