Nation of Immigrants

the doctor that will save your freaking live is an immigrant.

That grey anatomy show is a freaking joke, the actors/actress are white boys/girls screwing around in the supply room but if you visit the best medical centers in USA, you see doctors from all over the world.
this is a nation of immigrants. It’s what makes us great. People who come here from all over the world willing to work hard to make their dreams a reality. Immigrants are the amongst the hardest working people I know.

Internet is full of BS, people lie

BullShitWebsites- websites(humans too)that provide useless garbage BS info and trying to sell something that you don’t need and always wanting you to spend money!!! Is your website the self-serving time-waster useless BullShitWebsite?–STOP Wasting Time Online!!!-STOP Buying Junk Online!!!Everybody is always trying to sell you something.

Internet is full of BS, words is full of ambiguities, words have no feeling, no substance, it is all just talk. Numbers lie, people lie on the internet.

Give me a real person face to face and I can read their body language.
They don’t call me a shark or a warthog for nothing, I can smell a con a mile away.

That why online phone interview is discriminatory. Some people can speak well on the phone because of their tone of voice , they can con you.
Those people who are not native have a big disadvantage.
That why phone interview is full of BS, not valid!!

Expect the unexpected

Good things come to those who do not act too hastily out of emotion but rather wait until the opportune moment to create the best scenario. Proverbs should never be interpreted as foolproof solutions to all of life’s mysteries.

Have you ever had the experience of expecting somethting but the results do not come out the way it is  (many of them) or when you don’t expect something or anything but that something turn out to be wonderful

Let me give a couple of experiences I encountered that turned out to be beautiful.

Couple years back when I was not feeling well, tummy ache and felling yarkky in the cold rainy February weather, I don’t feel like getting up and do my normal walk to Lincoln Park. Anyway, I got my big fat lazy butt out to get my exercise. While walking to the park, I asked myself why am I doing this, in this cold, wet rainy dark weather….anyway I went my normal route and as usual I sat on the bench in front of the Coleman Pool.

I was tying the shoelace and than suddenly I heard the Swosh swosh noise coming from the water…..I looked up and wow wow wow, what I saw was amazing…a pod of Orca aka the killer whales. They were frolicking right in front of me like 200 feet off the shore. I think there were about 20 whales.

 the thought of dying

Many people have asked me what I think about those new Gtlds.
As my master Bruce Lee said to me- Don’ think, Feeeeeeeeeeeel

To tell you the truth, nobody really knows what going to happen , left alone 99% of the world population could care less. All they care is their basic necessities being met. What most people really care is what there to eat, is there enough food for the family, a warm place to sleep, health, future for their kids..

Do you really know? Do you really know you will still be alive ? Shi*t happens!! How do you know you won’t be run down by some a+hole?

Speaking about death and dying, there is a great movement now talking about death in cafes aka death cafes…so I present you–make me an offer so I can have fun before sh+it happens.

I love my Nissan truck

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My first car was a 1979Volkswagen Rabbit , and it has about 78K miles. I bought it at a used car lot in Tulsa Oklahoma for about $1500, in the year 1983. Big Mistake!

It was a piece of junk.

The used car salesman was a big fat liar, told me it has air con and was well conditioned. Well, no air con, it was fan cooled and the door does not close well. That was already a clue that the car was in a wreck.

My friend used to make fun of me telling me that my car just take in Carrots, after all it is a Rabbit .

Since it was my first car, I figure it was a good learning experience – a real expensive$$ experience indeed. Anyway, I learned a lot about fixing car. I replaced the starter, pump and etc all by myself. It was like a hobby.

About the used car lot—I went in the office and saw a couple of gunny sacks on the floor and saw something moving in there. Guess what? They were rattlesnakes.

Why? They let them loose at night. They were used for night time watchmen…go figure.

My next vehicle was a 1986 Nissan King Cab Truck. Now, that was the best truck I ever owned.



I was working for American Airlines in Tulsa and I saw this gorgeous white truck, it has a for sale sign. It was like a needle in a haystack. So happened the truck was parked quite close to my rabbit at that time in the huge parking lot.

I called the owner and we took a test drive and instantly I fell in love with her. I knew we have a sense of good karma. The owner name was Tom and I paid $6500, cash for the tuck. I think I got a good deal as he only owned the truck for less than 3 months and have only 2K miles. He paid about $8K for it. Since I was paying cash, he gave me a good deal. The main reason he was selling the truck was that his wife did not enjoy the “bumpy” ride of the truck.

I got rid of the Rabbit at $500 after using it for less than 3 yrs.

Now, let me tell you about that 85 Nissan King Cab truck. Even I bought it “used”, it felt like brand new. The smell of the leather.

Man, I used the truck for camping, fishing, hauling, etc etc , watching /gazing stars at the bed of the truck and even have SEX with my girlfriend/wife. Whopeeeeeeeeeee.

I drove the truck all over the South- Texas, Colorado, Missouri, Wichita, Denver,and all the way to Seattle where I make my home now.

We moved from Tulsa to Seattle in 1989, got married and raised my kid at the back of the truck. My kid love the back of the truck, sleep and playing with her toys. Moving from the Okie state to Seattle…that another story of my life.

We traveled all over the Pacific Northwest, to Canada –camping and fishing on that truck.

Man, I have so much fun with that Nissan King Cab. I even taught my daughter how to drive that truck and she even passed her driving test using that truck.

Well, unfortunately, it was in Feb of 2007, when the Nissan finally took her toll. I was driving on the West Seattle Bridge one afternoon and then I heard a hard knock coming from the engine. She lost power and I managed to pull her to my mechanic’s garage.

Bad news – no point fixing any more and time to buy a new one. It was going to cost me like $2k to replace/rebuilt the engine. Well, time for a new….

My friends, after 22 years with my old faithful, with 201K miles, it was time to let the Nissan King Cab go. Man, I took care of her very well, oil change every 3K miles, and fix whatever needs to be fixing.

That Nissan King Cab was with me for 22 yrs, with my family and raised my kid in there. So sad to see her go.

So much good memories !!!

Anyway, I sold that truck to a Kid for just $100,( with canopy, and still good tires, clean body( Please see the photos of the tucks). He wanted it for a project, so I guess it was put in good use.

Guess what, the next one was………you guess it right—a brand new 2007Nissan Frontier, bigger truck-more power and so comfy. She gives me 18mpg in town and 21mpg on highway. The other truck gave me about 21mpg.

See photos.

I bought her in February of 2007, the asking price was $19K. Well, I bargained down to $17K and paid in cash again. I have not used the pickup much as it has only 18K miles after 32months and the only long trips I took was to Utah and to Oregon. Oh well…..

Well, my next new vehicle will be the Nissan Leaf…

Heck, maybe Nissan Company might give me a free Nissan Leaf car as I am a genuine Nissan died hard and they can even use me in their commercials.

Here it is, folks: the all-electric car Nissan plans to start selling next year, shown for the first time at an event this evening in Yokohama, Japan (and simultaneously unveiled on the automaker’s web site). Called the Nissan LEAF, it’s a five-seat hatchback set to roll out in the U.S., Japan and Europe in 2010 at a price that the company says is “comparable” to a mid-size family sedan, and with a range of more than 100 miles. What do you think?

DOW stocks will go up to 16000

As you all know the stocks have been going up since 2010. If you have missed the boat, all I can say is SORRY but you still can put in the market but they are all time high. For those who had put in since 2010, we are riding the high waves thanks to you all.







Why is the stocks going up? Economics 101- cheap money

FED has been buying bonds and thus the interest rates is so low. It is called cheap money. When the interest rate is so low, you are losing money putting money in the bank. So where do you put the money?

2 sectors of the economy are doing well…you guess it right- the stocks and the real estate.
When your neighbors are making profit in the stock investments, and you have money in the bank, of course you will feel piss off. You and the rest want to join the fun, the fun of making money the least work at possible-Making money work hard for you. So you and the rest pump in your money in the stocks and this raise the waves, more money raise the waves. Whohooooooo, the inertia effect- you know the physics term, one energy pushing one energy to make a bigger energy!!.

Today the FED, thanks to the mouth of Mr.Benerke, he has emphasized that the FED will keep buying bonds until the economy is stable and the unemployment is down to 6.5%. Heck we all know it gonna take a long while to achieve that goal. So for the time being, enjoy the money train and make more money!!

Cheap money means low interest rate which spur home buying. Homes are selling like hot cakes and prices of homes are rising with multiple offers. But bear in mind, in some states like California, Texas,Nevada and Arizona, housing prices are still low in the 2008 housing bubble prices.
Oh well, because they have so much land and if they want to build more houses, they just built and built. Not like places in SF or Seattle, where we do not have land because we are surrounded by beautiful waters, so the only way to build is up and lots of condos are being build.
My neighbor’s house got sold recently after just 21 days in the market with multiple offers.

In short, enjoy the sunny summer and let make money.

Tennis rules need to be changed

There are some tennis rules that should be changed to make the game move faster and to be fair for everyone. More smoothly and no interruptions of play.

#1- the changeover should be 30seconds-no more no less. Any seconds exceeded, the player will be penalized by one point. This should have ample time for the players to wipe their sweats, change racquets, drink etc etc.

#2- No trainers are needed. Players should never called trainers for any medical conditions like blisters, sores, cramps or anything-nothing is life threatening in the game. If player cannot continue to play , then the game is won by the opponent. If the players are not physically fit, then that their responsibility. Physically fitness is one of the key ingredients to the winning success of the players.

#3- What the freaking deal with wiping the sweat with towels after every freaking point!! There is no wiping in the women games but for the men, it is getting ridiculous. So no towel  and this free the ballboys/girls from being their servants.

Or go get your own damn towel

That what sweat bands are for.

#4- All the coaches should be out sight from the players. The coaches should be seated far away from the view of their players. This is to avoid hands-eyes  coaching messages.

#5-What the freaking deal of changing racquets after every ball change!! Changing of racquets should only be down when the set is over for the changeover.

#6- no chairs needed on the courts, no seating.

#7 remove the “net” let on the 1st serve. Make it as a point. You think the server is going to say “sorry”, hell no, it is my point..that it!


Saving Money-Drying clothes outside

This is how I dry all my clothes, save lots of money and it only takes 2 days to dry in the 50s and only one day it is 60s and above.
Oh yeaaaaaaaa save lots of money and best of all -going green. When it is fry, all you have to do is touch dry in the dryer. The clothes last longer too.
Using the power of the SUN- FREE SUN

Yea-lots of people are freaking embarrass to do this hanging clothes because they might offend their neighbors but who gives a F… I tell my neighbors that I save lots of money and that all I care. What there to be embarrass about??? in most of Asian countries like in Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Thailand, you can see those people hanging clothes outside.
Yea- the best part is you get to see your neighbor’s clothes and I love it when I see cute panties …..Whopeeeeeee


th_P1010583 th_P1010584 th_P1010586 th_P1010588
So my dear what is there to be shy about??

In America, it is such a BS- they say to go green and save energy and blah blah blah– by changing the light bulbs, compost the food and driving electric cars —— all these are pretty freaking small stuffs- but it all adds up. The BIGGEST ENERGY SAVE IS DRY YOUR FREAKING CLOTHES OUTSIDE–FREE SUN-
AND use rain barrels. Yes I have lots of rain barrels too.
Save lots of water and energy!!! BEST OF ALL SAVE LOTS OF MONEY!!!