The best Rapsberry-Blackberry-Strawberry-Cherry pie

pie rapsberryOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA rapsberry1

I use fresh picked raspberry, cherries, blackberries, and strawberry. All of them grown in my garden.

Do not wash the fruits.
Oil the baking pan.
In the mixed baking bowl, add 3 1/2 cups of regular flour, 3/4 of vegetable oil. quarter size of butter, mix and mash all in the bowl.
Add water and mix them.
Use your hands and knead them- don’t they feel good?
Knead, massage, twist, press,pinch, grab the dough until it is nice and spreadable.
Spread the nice moist dough across the glass baking pan.
Spread the fruits on the dough, one layer is more than enough.
Sprinkle M&M chocolate chips on the dough.
Heat the oven 350F for 10 mins
Put the baking pan in there for 43mins and viola the crust should be nice and brown -tasty

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