Curse Bad Karma

A good sense of humor!
You know why your life won’t or never are as good and smooth as mine
Well, because your mother put a curse on you and on Amy too.
You see, she does not a have a good son who is obedient, hardworking, stable-common sense approach-the alpha male MAN-take charge. Your mom loves me a lot and she adores me . Her wish was for US to be together but YOU THE one THAT DECEIVED HER, broke her wishes and disappointed her.
You and Amy got bad luck in your life partners, maybe both of you are attracted to white trash losers who smoke, drugs, psycho, abusive …..
I strongly believe her inheritance was meant for me as I AM THE ONE THAT IS THE MOST STABLE TO manage her money.
Well, it is up to you to cast the spell….if you want to be free and as for me, I will live a very happy comfortable life because your mom, and my mom and dad are watching out for me.

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